May 19, 2007

Black Cab gave an amazing performance to a handfull of people on Thursday night at the Paradiso. Like a lot of good bands they are even better live than on recorded medium. There was a distinct electronica/electro feel to their sound some of which is provided by the vintage analogue synth lines from an Arp. The band was very tight musically with the bombastic beats of the drummer overlaid with a very phat bass and a wall of noise from the two guitarists. The singer hung on to his mike stand in frount of a great visual backdrop of slowed down fottage of the 1969 Rolling Stones Altamont concert where the Hells Angels, in charge of security of the event, beat and killed members of the crowd.

I spoke with Andrew the singer from the band afterwards and he said that were very happy to be touring here in Europe and thought that they are always very well looked after when they come here to the Netherlands.

Its a short tour and they return down under soon but if you want to catch this great band live in NL you have a chance to see them in Utrecht tonight @ Ekko.

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