Jun 5, 2007

Kid Koala played an amazing set at the Melkweg recently. This time it was just the kid + two web cams projected onto screens behind him and not the band/cabaret performance that we were treated to the last time. Not that we are in any way let down by his performance as he put out so much energy that he had the (packed) venue hopping to his block rocking beats. His new material is definitely more influenced by hard rock and he even dropped a Slayer track for the metal heads in the audience. The set was peppered with quality old school hip hop as well as some nice bluesy numbers that he scratches in the style that he first used with drunken trumpet.

Balkan Beat Box also played a good gig on Thursday of last week at the Melkweg. There is some very nice ska in their Balkan fusion sound. With lots of energy on stage they certainly got the crowd going. Towards the end of the gig I got a bit bored with the sameness of the sound and perhaps this is why I stopped buying this kind of music a few years ago.

Some gigs coming up this week.

Wednesday, June 6 @ Bimhuis - Interplay 4

Thomas K├Âner vs Max Eastley
Iris Garrelfs vs Si-cut.db
dj sniff vs Keir Neuringer

Courtesy of the Bimhuis mail list:
"STEIM's artistic co-director dj sniff (Takuro Mizuta Lippit) and Keir Neuringer will perform at this collaborative event in the Bimhuis. dj sniff and Keir Neuringer share a passion for expanding their respective instruments beyond cultural preconceptions and musical conventions. Since they met in 2005 they have played together in various constellations with other musicians---and have curated each other's work---but this is their first appearance as a duo. "

I've been to some of the STEIM gigs before (including DJ Sniff) and they are quite interesting if you are into experimental (and sometimes challenging) music.


Thursday June 7 @ Paradiso - Israel Vibration

More dub reggae vibes to enjoy with this great summer weather we are currently having.


Sunday June 10'th @ Sugar Factory - Giles Peterson

Legendary DJ from BBC Radio 1 who plays Jazz styles that cross all the music boundaries. There's not much else I can say really. If you know him then he needs no description and if you do not know him then get down to the gig and check him out if you like this kind of music.



Post Gig Note: He was not very good live. His format does not translate well to a club. He played some great tunes and some awful ones in my opinion, but I guess it just a matter of taste.

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