Jul 3, 2007

Thursday June 5'th - Cut Chemist & DJ Shadow @ Melkweg

The 5 days off festival is on this week so there are many great gigs to be seen in Amsterdam. My personal pick for the week is the Cut Chemist and DJ shadow gig.

Having seen Cut Chemist play live in the past when he was a DJ with Jurassic 5 and having loved the solo album he released last year I am very much looking forward to seeing this guy again.

As for DJ Shadow I am sure he needs no introduction. At the forefront of the sample & cutup scene (instrumental hip-hop) he blew us all away with his Endtroducing album in 1996. I saw him play in the Melkweg as part of the Private Press tour in 2001/2002 and the gig was just awesome.

These guys are also longtime collaborators and have releases four CDs together.
Cut Chemist Video.

DJ Shadow Video

See them play at this gig here.

Live in LA

Also playing this night, as its a two room affair, are Dizzee Rascal (Hip-Hop), Kode 9 (Dub Step) and a host of others. You will not find a better way to spend 22 euros than this.....


Cut Chemist Info




DJ Shadow Info




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