Aug 1, 2007

No recommendations for you this month but at least the weather seems to be finally getting better, as I was beginning to think I would have to buy a boat soon.

There's not been anything I though was worth leaving the house for most of last month either. The Tokyo Ska Orchestra played a few weeks ago and it could have been interesting I think but I could not make that gig. However the DJ Shadow and Cut Chemist gig was great and the live Dub Step sets in the Kleine Zaal were outstanding.

This time of years the venues just do not book the good acts. Which is a shame as there are a lot of bands touring the festival scene. If would be nice to get some spill over from the likes of the Big Chill festival in England. I was at this a few years ago and its excellent. Though the journey from Amsterdam is long and expensive if you do not own a car.

Some gigs coming up in a few month time that **may** be worth getting tickets for now before they sell out.

Artist: The Cinematic Orchestra
Date: Sunday 07 Oct, 2007
Location: Paradiso

These guys were just amazing when they played in the Melkweg earlier this year. Their new album is one of my favorites for this summer. I'm definitely up to see them again.

Artist: The Beat
Date: Thursday 11 Oct, 2007
Location: Melkweg

Original Ska band that seem to be still going. Hopefully they will be better than some of the other bands from this era that I have seen that did not seem to have any of the important members of the band any more. When we went to see the Selector we were very disappointed and did not even stay for the full show. I do not think this gig will sell out though.

Artist: Nouvelle Vague
Date: Thursday 18 Oct, 2007
Location: Melkweg

I really liked their first album when it came out though I do not really play it any more. Maybe they will be fun live. Then again maybe they are already past their sell by date. ....

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