May 22, 2008

No Age @ Paradiso on Friday

Its been several months since my last gig recommendation. Since then winter has (mostly) gone and we've seen a glimpse of summer several times already. You may ask why, with all the venues and gigs in Amsterdam, is it that I have not being recommending gigs? Well, there wasn't much on that would excite me enough to leave my apartment and take a five to ten minutes walk to one of the city center venues

I did check out the Ian Brown gig, though before hand I didn't think it was worth recommending as for me it was for more of a nostalgia thing. In fact the gig was much better than I had anticipated. When his solo material started to falter during the gig the band transformed into a Stone Roses tribute band which just happened to feature the original vocalist. This was nice as I had missed them the first time around. It was clear that the audience was very much waiting for this part of the gig also.

There are lots of cool gigs coming up over the next few months. I'll post them all in due course but first and foremost I must tell you about what's happening tomorrow night.

Friday 23'rd May - No Age @ Paradiso (Kleine Zaal - early show 7pm)
On Sub Pop records this Los Angeles duo consists of drummer/vocalist Dean Spunt and guitarist Randy Randall. With roots from the punk and hardcore scene they also incorporate pop and experimental noise jams. It's hard to describe their music so I will leave this up to the following video and links.

This band are about to break big time so now is your chance to see them in a nice intimate venue.

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